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Bobby Brewer

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NOTE: Although I believe that Mona Brewer was a victim of Earl Paulk (and possibly others) the fact remains that she and her husband, Bobby Brewer, participated in and promoted the teachings of their leader, Earl Paulk.

Former Presbytery pastor under the leadership of Earl Paulk

Word of Faith preacher

Kingdom Now preacher

What is kingdom now teaching? (in a nutshell) - by Got Questions? Ministries

Formerly married to Mona Brewer - Mona Manning Brewer came to the church at the age of 19, four years after her conversion to Christianity. She was a Sunday School teacher who married Bobby Brewer, a minister at the church, in 1987. She was also featured regularly as a soloist on Paulk's television program. Brewer claimed that on September 11, 1989; Paulk felt "'impressed of the Lord' to get to know her better". She stopped by his office the next day, becoming a regular visitor. She alleged that a church official stated that there had been a "word of knowledge" claiming that she was about to enter a new relationship that would benefit her. That relationship became an extramarital affair that lasted 14 years.

She didn't break the relationship off until September 2003, years later, and didn't tell anyone until hearing about Cindy Hall. She then told her husband, who bided his time until the refinancing of the church was finished. In March 2004, Bobby Brewer angrily confronted Earl and Don Paulk at the Brewers' house, at one point hitting them both.

The Brewers eventually sued Paulk and his church on August 31, 2005, claiming Paulk misused his position to manipulate her into a sexual relationship for fourteen years and claiming Paulk owed US$400,000 for a loan Brewer issued to settle the Jessica Battle suit.

Paulk denied the allegations from Brewers but his attorney acknowledged a sexual relationship between the bishop and Mona Brewer. Paulk claimed that the relationship was brief and that she was the initiator.

On Monday, March 5, 2007, at a pretrial hearing, the Brewers' lawyer wrote out a request for dismissal of the case by hand and handed it to lawyers for Paulk and the church. This was just as a ruling was about to come on a motion by Paulk's lawyers to dismiss the allegations. By dropping the case before the ruling, the Brewers left open the possibility of filing another suit with the same allegations. "We were having difficulty even at this point getting witnesses to speak out against the acts of Bishop Paulk and the church," Levenson said. "Sometimes you just have to do this."

The Brewers did, in fact, refile the suit with another judge. However, in February 2008, DeKalb County Judge Mark Anthony Scott threw the case into limbo when he ruled that she was "of sound mind" when she and Paulk began their relationship. Scott ordered the Brewers to reimburse Paulk for $1 million in legal expenses for filing a frivolous suit. Under Georgia law, the second suit they filed couldn't continue until the attorneys' fees were paid. However, in February 2009, the Georgia Court of Appeals reversed Scott's decision, citing numerous instances where Paulk himself stated under oath that he was Mona Brewer's "spiritual adviser, minister, pastor and reverend."

Although Paulk's death removed him from the suit, Mona Brewer said she fully intended to continue her suit against the church. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Paulk

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