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James Eugene Ewing

St. Matthew's Churches

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James Eugene Ewing is a scam artist, first and foremost. He is the founder of
St. Matthew's churches, which is in reality, a publishing company designed to prey on unsuspecting, vulnerable, Christians. The business address for St. Matthew's churches is P. O. Box 21210. There is no such church in Tulsa... it's just a mail-based publishing company, enjoying tax exempt status by claiming to be a church. After years of court battles, they were granted tax exempt status in 2000 (the IRS denied tax-exemption in 1992) and a church was finally purchased in 2004, in Houston, Texas as a cover to keep their tax exempt status according to the Trinity Foundation, an evangelical watchdog group. For more information, see the wikipedia article found HERE.

How the scam works

The scam begins with a tacky looking letter arriving in your mailbox, unsolicited. The front and back of the envelope has printed in large letters (made to look hand-written), prayers for the recipient of the letter.

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Envelope front and back

Inside the envelope, will be more prayers for the recipient of the letter, and an offer to send you a free spiritual gift that is blessed by the church to help you spiritually, physically, and financially. Also included in the letter are testimonials of how God responded to individual needs after sending in the reply card.

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Letters and Testimonials


Gift book mark

If you send in the reply card, you will be placed on their mailing list and you will receive the special gift that they had promised. But there is a catch. You will also receive instructions on what to do with this special gift. These instructions must be carried out exactly as they are given, such as, "...place the object under your pillow..." for a specified amount of time, and then because of your faith, God will respond to your needs. You will be instructed to send in your prayer requests so that they can pray over them, and a seed faith offering of a recommended amount. I received a book entitled, The Seed Principle. It is filled with instructions on giving to the church, and of course, testimonials about how God responded for faithfully applying the seed principle.

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I also received a booklet of twelve "Seeds of Faith" coupons, each to be torn out on a monthly basis. It is a convenient way to help you remain faithful to the seed principle, to send them your money. The back of each coupon has a place for your prayer request as well. The principle is that you give money to God (St. Matthew's churches), and because of your faith, God responds to your needs. Meanwhile, James Eugene Ewing gets filthy rich from people who are struggling financially.

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Seed Faith Plan coupon book

When I receive mailings from St. Matthew's churches, I always send the reply card to receive as much material from them as possible. I'm happy to be on their mailing list for two reasons: First, the money they spend sending mailings to me reduces the amount of money that they have to keep for their greedy selves. Second, at least that pile of trash does not end up in the hands of someone who might actually fall for such drivel.

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Reply Card

I am not opposed to giving to the Church, and the principle for giving can be found in
2 Corinthians 9:6-15. James Eugene Ewing has other ideas.

For more information about giving according to the Scriptures, read my article on Tithing (I don't believe in tithing, but I believe there is a better way given to us in the Bible).

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