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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"

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Clariece Paulk

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Clariece Paulk

Clariece Paulk is the wife of Don Paulk, and former music and arts minister at Chapel Hill Harvester Church, Decatur, Georgia. She is also the mother of Donnie Earl Paulk, the current senior pastor.

On October 14, 2007, Donnie Earl (D.E.) Paulk, who had become senior pastor of the church a few months earlier, informed a shocked congregation that a DNA test had revealed he was Earl Paulk's son, and not his nephew as he had believed for all his life. 

D.E. Paulk had been raised as the son of Don Paulk, Earl Paulk's brother. However, the test confirmed that he was the product of an illicit relationship between Earl Paulk and his sister-in-law, Clariece Paulk, who was married to Don. During the Brewer case, Earl Paulk had denied sleeping with anyone other than Mona Brewer. However, prosecutors and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation suspected he was lying, and triggered an investigation that led to a court-ordered paternity test on Donnie Earl Paulk. As a result, Paulk was charged with perjury on January 14, 2008.Two days later, Paulk pleaded guilty to the charges, for which he was sentenced to ten years probation and a thousand-dollar fine.

Don Paulk later said that he has forgiven his brother, and said D.E.'s paternity "made no difference in my love for my brother or my son."

For more information on the controversies surrounding the Paulks, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Paulk
and http://www.apologeticsindex.org/150-earl-paulk

Current associate pastor with D.E. Paulk and his church of inclusion(universalism).

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