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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"

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Fred Phelps

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Fred Phelps

Current pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas.

This so-called pastor and so-called church, spend much of their time spewing hatred and protesting at the funerals of America's fallen soldiers.

According to their own web site, "WBC engages in daily peaceful sidewalk demonstrations opposing the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth. We display large, colorful signs containing Bible words and sentiments, including: GOD HATES FAGS, FAGS HATE GOD, AIDS CURES FAGS, THANK GOD FOR AIDS, FAGS BURN IN HELL, GOD IS NOT MOCKED, FAGS ARE NATURE FREAKS, GOD GAVE FAGS UP, NO SPECIAL LAWS FOR FAGS, FAGS DOOM NATIONS, THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS, FAG TROOPS, GOD BLEW UP THE TROOPS, GOD HATES AMERICA, AMERICA IS DOOMED, THE WORLD IS DOOMED, etc."

The inclusion of Fred Phelps as a false teacher should not be construed as an endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle. Homosexuality is not condoned on this web site by me or any other authors. Fred Phelps is included here because of his relentless teaching of hatred rather than love.

Fred Phelps, homosexuality is a sin. Christians who openly support, condone, or otherwise participate in the sin of homosexuality should be rebuked appropriately. Homosexuals who are outside of the Church must first be convicted by the Holy Spirit so that they can know that they are sinners (just like the rest of us). What you are doing is causing homosexuals (and others) who are outside the Church, to forever shun the Church, thus losing out on the great salvation that is only available to those who receive Christ. Your technique will not save a single soul, instead, you may be guilty of condemning countless souls to eternal damnation.

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Albert Snyder, father of Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder, US Marine Corps, of Finksburg, Maryland, who died from a non combat-related vehicle accident in Al Anbar province, Iraq, has begun a civil lawsuit* against Mr. Phelps and certain members of the so-called Westboro Baptist Church to bring an end to the reign of terror and abuse that they inflicted upon the grieving families of US service members killed in defense of our nation. Using innocent children to deliver their twisted message of hatred and fear, the defendants in this suit have sought to attack the memory of our departed heroes, to strip their loved ones of their dignity, and to use abuse and intimidation as a tool for preventing surviving family members from reaching closure over their loss.

It is the sincere hope of Mr. Al Snyder that this suit will spark similar legal actions against Mr. Phelps wherever he seeks to inflict harm upon the memory of our heroes and their families. If you feel strongly that such actions should be stopped, please consider a donation to help offset the legal expenses of bringing this suit.

*This is a private civil lawsuit that is separate from any actions being pursued by states or the federal government against Mr. Phelps. While those cases involve Government action and potential 1st Amendment issues, this case is distinct. This case simply alleges that one does not have the right to conspire to use lies in order to inflict intentional harm upon persons who are grieving the death of their children.

This suit is expensive and already, a court has orederd Mr. Snyder to pay the Phelp's legal fees of $16,500.00. However, Fox News host, Bill O'reilly said that he will write a check for the full amount. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Snyder's appeal during its October term, with a verdict likely to be announced in mid-2011. There is still need for financial support. Please click on the link for more information.

Article - 7 Characteristics of false Teachers - By Thomas Brooks  (1608-1680)


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