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I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!John 8:58"


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Updated 06-28-21

Added Dr. Michael Youssef on our Respected Preachers page

Updated 03-26-21

Ravi Zacharias - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 01-11-20

Did God Create Evil? - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 06-30-18

Pre-Born.org - To Glorify Jesus Christ by equipping pregnancy centers to save more babies and souls.

Updated 06-28-18

Respected Preacher - Dr. David Jeremiah
Respected Preacher - RC Sproul
Respected Preacher - Todd Friel

Updated 04-21-18

Article -
Slavery in the Bible - By Bruce W. Robida

Article - Gay Christian - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 12-31-17

New Link -
Founding Fathers: Quotes on Liberty and Freedom from America's Revolutionaries - Quotes from some of our Founding Fathers on liberty and freedom.

New Link - Mesothelioma and Smoking - Turning Hope and Faith into Action.

New Link - What is Federalism?

Updated 11-09-17

New Link - Rapture Forums - The Rapture and End Times News Resource - To guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior... finding all the answers to your Bible prophecy questions about the end times... follows a pre-millennial, dispensational interpretation of Scripture and believe the Bible teaches salvation by grace through faith alone, as well as the eternal security of believers.

Updated 06-12-17

Video - Deepak Chopra vs Christian Apologist (Chopra loses)

Updated 06-04-17

The Facts of Life - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 03-19-17

Life Before Roe - A BRIEF SURVEY OF US ABORTION LAW - By Brian Young

Updated 01-21-17

115th Congress - Scheduled to meet from January 3, 2017 to January 3, 2018 - Find out who is Pro-Life and who is Pro-Abortion

Updated 08-11-16

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Benjamin Watson

Updated 07-01-16

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Dr. Mildred Jefferson

Updated 03-08-16

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Chuck Norris

Updated 01-25-16

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy - Exposition

Updated 01-24-16

Removed Donald Trump from the Pro-Life Celebrity page due to his numerous conttradictory positions on this issue. If you're considering Donald Trump for president, please check out this Facebook page. He is a Trojan horse for the Democratic Party and is most certainly not, Pro-Life!

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Kelsey Grammer


Updated 01-01-16

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. (Common)

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Stacey Dash

Updated 12-20-15

Is Mohammad A Descendant Of Ishmael? - By Dr. Rafat Amari

Updated 11-29-15

Do modern day apostles and prophets exist today? - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 05-14-15

What about Satan and the Origin of Evil? - By Bodie Hodge

Updated 04-29-15

New Page - New Age Spirituality

Article - New Age Spirituality - By Bruce W. Robida

Article - Christian Apologists: Be Careful of Oprah's Spiritual Teachings

Article - What is 'New Age' Religion, and Why Can't Christians Get on Board?

Updated 04-28-15

False Teacher - Wayne Dyer

False Teacher - Marianne Williamson

Updated 04-16-15

False Teacher - Mary Baker Eddy

False Teacher - Eckart Tolle

Updated 04-13-15

False Teacher - Deepak Chopra

Updated 04-06-15

False Teacher - Star R. Scott

Link - Institute for Creation Research - has equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.

Updated 03-31-15

Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic - By Mark Ellis

Updated 03-06-15

What is the spiritual gift of prophecy? - By GotQuestions? Ministry

List of False Teachings, False Religions, and Cults - By Michael Houke

The Largest Unreached People Group: WHERE ARE THE MISSIONARIES? - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 01-03-15

114th Congress - Is your Congressman pro-Life? Find out here

Updated 12-13-14

Are Those Being Aborted Our Neighbors? IF SO, ARE WE LOVING THEM AS OURSELVES?
- By Rolley Haggard

Updated 09-19-14

Revised - An Open Letter: To My American Muslim Friends - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 09-09-14

2 new Pro-Life Celebrities

Stephen Baldwin

Lisa Welchel

Updated 09-06-14

An Open Letter to Civil Rights Leaders Joseph Lowery, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 09-02-14

Updated new info about False teacher, David Huskins

Updated 09-01-14

The Essence of Christianity - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 08-30-14

Updated new info about False teacher/preacher/apostle, Donnie Earl Paulk

Updated 08-22-14

The Hope of the Devil: The Hellish Logic Behind Modern Man's Unbridled Embrace of Evil - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 08-19-14

14 new Pro-Life Celebrities

Mark Bavaro

Jim Burt

Chris Godfrey

Susan Howard

Ann Jillian

George Martin

Phil McConkey

Michael Moriarity

Suzi Quatro

Irene Saez

Dana Scallon

Phil Simms

Jordin Sparks

George Will

Updated 08-10-14

Ending Abortion: Is There a 'Silver Bullet'? Let's Fire the Gun and See - By Rolley Haggard

Unpreaching the Gospel - It's What We're Doing by Staying Silent on Abortion - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 04-11-14

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Kevin Sorbo

Updated 02-25-14

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Brit Hume

New Pro-Life Video - Brit Hume comments on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

New Article - From Auschwitz to Churchwitz - For Millions, Our Steeples Are Smokestacks - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 02-15-14

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Gretchen Wilson

Updated 12-31-13

The Chicago Statement on Biblical Application

A Review of Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy - By Dr. Norman L. Geisler

Updated 12-08-13

If the Ear Won't Listen, Tell It to the Eye - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 12-02-13

About Me - After years of debate, within my soul and among those with which I disagree, I have firmly cemented my beliefs concerning God's sovereignty, and divine election and predestination. There are good men on both sides of the arguments and I am greatful for all of their insights. Unfortunately, not everyone can be correct. I believe I now have a proper understanding and have finally been able to put it to paper - Bruce W. Robida.

Updated 11-09-13

The Orgin of Evil
- Sermon by John MacArthur

Updated 10-21-13

2013 Strange Fire Conference - by Grace to You - Complete coverage of the 2013 Strange Fire Conference - Strange Fire is a conference that will set forth what the Bible really says about the Holy Spirit, and how that squares with the charismatic movement.

Updated 10-20-13

New page dedicated to False Christs

New False Christ - Inri Cristo

New False Christ - Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop

Updated 10-14-13

God Forgive America - By Eddie DeHart

New Links -

911babies.com - God has called us to show the Church in America how to respond to the cry of the Unborn and to speak His truths so we may embrace God’s Blessings of Life.

http://www.goprayusa.com/ - This is an effort of 911Babies to assemble a network of intercessors to pray for our nation.

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Megan Lynne Young

Updated 10-13-13

New False Christ - Alan John Miller

Updated 10-08-13

New Link - Restored Hope Network - a membership governed network dedicated to restoring hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin, especially those impacted by homosexuality. We proclaim that Jesus Christ has life-changing power for all who submit to Christ as Lord; we also seek to equip His church to impart that transformation.

6 Lessons From the Collapse of Exodus International - By Michael Brown

Updated 09-26-13

New fales Teacher added - John Kilpatrick

Updated 09-01-13

The Question That Will Define Us - What Does Christianity Look Like in a Culture That Kills Its Children? - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 08-13-13

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Phil Robertson - Duck Dynasty

An Open Letter To Our U.S. Elected Officials: You who are Christians - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 08-11-13

Groanings Which Cannot Be Uttered: The Less Explained the Better Understood - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 08-07-13

113th Congress - Who is Pro-Life and who is not - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 07-20-13

There are no Strangers - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 07-12-13

Throwing Down the Gauntlet - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 07-06-13

A Thermonuclear Trumpet:Knocking Down the Jericho Wall of Abortion Apathy - By Rolley Haggard

The Depravity Question, Answered - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 06-09-13

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Matt Birk

Updated 05-13-13

New Featured Author - Rolley Haggard

New Pro-Life Articles

Agape Defiled - How the Church Has Failed 55 Million Orphans - By Rolley Haggard

Brilliant Darkness - The Rationale by Which Biblical Christianity has Justified 40 Years of Abortion Apathy - By Rolley Haggard

Louder than the ‘Silent Scream’: The Deafening Silence of Our Pulpits - An Open Letter to Evangelical Pastors in America - By Rolley Haggard

We Could End Abortion ‘Overnight’—If We Really Wanted To - By Rolley Haggard

Silence Is Blasphemy - By Rolley Haggard

Pro-Life Activism Is Not a Mission of the Church - It Is THE Mission of the Church - By Rolley Haggard

Phariseevangelicalism - Straining at the Gnats of Introspection and Swallowing the Camels of Infanticide - By Rolley Haggard

Updated 05-04-13

New Link - The Ultimate List of Criminal Justice Links - This is a list of the top criminal justice links on the web. Different specializations within criminal justice are included, along with statistical information, professional societies, advocacy groups, educational opportunities, and more. This Link is also available Here and Here

3 new Pro-Life Celebritis

Andrea Bocelli
Danylo Fedoryka
Ken Wahl

Updated 04-16-13

Video/Rap - Rap Artist, Shai Linne's song "Fal$e Teacher$" from his newest album, "Lyrical Theology Part 1: Theology".

Updated 03-27-13

3 new Pro-Life Celebrities:

Abby Johnson

Gary Graham

Donald Trump

Updated 02-27-13

2 new Pro-Life Celebrities:

Norm Macdonald

Rachel Hendrix

Updated 01-28-13

Baptism and John 3:5: Does John 3:5 teach that baptism is essential? - By Matt Slick

Updated 01-20-13

Why the "Born This Way" Argument Fails - By Robin Schumacher

Updated 12-23-12

The Tytler Cycle - Part 1 - By John Eberhard

The Tytler Cycle - Part 2 - By John Eberhard

The Tytler Cycle - Part 3 - By John Eberhard

The Tytler Cycle - Part 4 - By John Eberhard

Updated 12-18-12

An Open Letter To Our U.S. Elected Officials: End Abortion - By Zack Hensley

Updated 11-28-12

Who Wrote The Bible? - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 11-14-12

Link - Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure - Courses from the National Paralegal College - The mission of National Paralegal College is to provide quality Internet-based education and training for students seeking careers in the paralegal field. See in Links page and Politics page.

Updated 11-09-12

Purgatory: Arguments by the Catholic Church - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 11-08-12

Purgatory: A Cruel Hoax Revealed - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 10-15-12

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Dr. Alveda King

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Lila Rose

Updated 09-28-12

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Donna D'Errico

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Jack Nickolson

Updated 09-14-12

New Pro-Life Celebrity - Piper (MC) - Rapper from Flipsyde

Updated 08-05-12

Is there Life After Divorce? - By John A. Jenkins

Updated 07-15-12

Disposable Society - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 07-13-12

False prophet, Ronald Weinland has once again set a date for Christ's return - "Yes, the “Day of the Lord” is a year in actual length. May 27, 2012, was the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” when Jesus Christ will return on the final day of Pentecost 2013." See the complete post from his personal blog, here

Updated 07-12-12

Bible Versions: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY - Part 1 - Article - By James R. White

Bible Versions: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY - Part 2 - Article - By James R. White

BIBLE VERSIONS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY - Quick Reference - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 07-08-12

Speaking in Tongues - By Bruce W. Robida - Updated with Scripture links and minor editorial changes.

Updated 05-25-12

False Teacher - Ronald Weinland - End Time, May 27, 2012

Updated 04-25-12

False Teacher - Joel Osteen

Updated 04-19-12

Free Will Doctrine VS Election Doctrine - Q&A with John MacArthur

Updated 04-09-12

Removed articles written by Jimmy Hall - Also included apology to my readers and personal note to Jimmy Hall

Updated 03-28-12

Updated - Paul Crouch


Updated 03-08-12

Watchdog - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 02-21-12


Rap Artists Go After Atlanta Mega-Church Pastors Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar In Controversial Video

Updated 02-02-12

Video - New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as king

Article - Eddie Long Is Not a 'King' - By Reverend Wil Gafney Ph.D.

Updated 01-22-12

Church Discipline/Restoration - By Elmer Towns

Updated 01-20-12

Video - Partial Birth Abortion Demonsration
Dr. William Lile demonstrates surgical abortion technique for pregnancy termination from 23 weeks to full term. Dr. Lile is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is licensed to practice medicine in Alabama and Florida and an instructor with the Florida State University OB/GYN residency program. See Video Here

Updated 01-02-12

Naming Names: Is it Biblical? - By Todd Tomasella

Updated 12-28-11

Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 12-26-11

Article - Kathleen Sebelius Destroyed Evidence to Protect Planned Parenthood in a Child Rape Case

Video - He Said, She Shred - American Life League explains the miscarriage of justice in Kansas and calls for Kathleen Sebelius' resignation.

Link - Planned Parenthood Corruption - This website is independent, yet supportive of Phill Kline and his efforts to bring Planned Parenthood and other criminal organizations to justice.

Link - American Life League - Exists to serve God by helping to build a society that respects and protects individual innocent human beings from creation to natural death—without compromise, without exception, without apology.

Updated 12-16-11

False Teacher - T. D. Jakes

Christmas Is About Jesus Christ Coming Down To Earth As A Baby, To Later Sacrifice Himself For His People - By Jimmy Hall

Updated 12-08-11

Video - Mike Wallace interview with Margaret Sanger, September 21, 1957 - Margaret Sanger, the leader of the birth control movement in America, talks to Wallace about why she became an advocate for birth control, over-population, the Catholic Church, and morality. NOTE: The link to this video will will take you to another website.

Updated 11-26-11

Video - Conception to birth -- visualized - Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond.

False Teacher - Gino Zalunardo - I have been receiving emails over the past few weeks from many former members of Kings Pasture Community Church. All of these former members have told me similar accounts of what is taking place there with regards to Gino allegedly having had an affair with one of the members... More...

Updated 11-09-11

Video - 180 the Movie - 33 Minutes That Will Rock Your World Watch this 33 minute documentary to see what changed these minds about abortion. 180 is a project that has the potential of changing a nation's views on abortion.

Updated 10-31-11

Harold Camping repents and apologizes

Updated False Teacher - Kenneth Copeland

Updated 10-21-11

The Spirit of Jezebel - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 10-17-11

Government Funded Abortions - Essay by Pro-Life Teen, Mary Susan Scott

Updated 10-16-11

God Is Not A Concept - By Jimmy Hall

Updated 10-11-11

New False Teacher - Scott D. Anderson

Updated 10-06-11

False Teacher Update - Earl Paulk's page - New Member's Handbooks for 1996 and 1998

Updated 09-06-11

God and the Three Major Religions of the World - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 08-24-11

New Link - I'm Speaking Truth - Blog

The Black Value System Vs. The Bible - By I'm Speaking Truth

Updated False Teacher - Donnie Earl Paulk

Tithing is for Sissies - By Jared

Updated 08-07-11

Updated - Pro-Life Celebrities

Updated Pro-Abortion Celebrities

Updated 07-27-11

False Teacher - Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Updated 06-18-11

'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality - By Art Moore

How a 'gay rights' leader became straight - By Michael Glatze

Updated 05-27-11

New - False Prophet - Peter Popoff

Updated 05-26-11

Update - False Prophet - Harold Camping

Updated 05-06-11

The History of the English Bible and the Protestant Reformation - 3 part video series

Updated 05-01-11

What is a Saint?- By Bruce W. Robida

The Bible's Teaching on Sainthood - By Robert H. Kreger

Updated 04-23-11

Revised - Consider His Pain When You Suffer - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 04-10-11

Tribute to Brenna Grace - By Jill Thornburg

Updated 03-30-11

Updated 03-27-11

Problems found in the Bible? - The articles on this page will attempt to explain some of the so-called problems that are found in the Bible.

Unicorns - Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns? - By Nathan H.

Answering Alleged Bible Contradictions - Most Bible contradictions may be dismissed as translation errors as we will prove throughout this article with the assistance of lexicons. Other difficulties are resolved once we explore the context of the conflicting passages, examine older manuscripts which verify some contradictions as simple scribal errors, and apply logic to solve philosophical dilemmas. - By The Divine Evidence

Pagan Copy-Cat Allegations - If you search the web for similarities between Jesus and pagan deities, you will be met with countless results presenting the same erroneous material which provide no original religious sources to validate their claims. However, if you search the religious texts of the figures in question you will be presented with straightforward information that reveals the claim that the story of Jesus was stolen from pagan myths to be utterly false. For the reader's convenience, I supply links throughout this discussion to the original religious texts so you can see for yourself that the "Pagan Copycat Theory" has been completely fabricated. - By The Divine Evidence

Updated 03-03-11

The trouble with unprincipled incrementalism and allowing for exceptions - By Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in rape, Targeted for abortion.

Video - Conceived in Rape - By Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in rape, Targeted for abortion

New Link - Rebecca Kiessling - Conceived in rape, Targeted for abortion

Video - Pregnant by Rape - Shauna Prewitt and others tell their stories of how they became pregnant by rape

Updated 03-02-11

New Link - Jill Stanek's Blog - When it would have been easier to look the other way, Jill Stanek’s commitment to Christ led her to risk her job, reputation, and friendships to stop the terrible practices of abortion and infanticide.

Updated 02-24-11

Joyce Meyer: Are you paying attention - By Mike Oppenheimer

Correspondence with Don Paulk - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 02-18-11

False Teacher - Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda - Claims to be God

Updated 02-09-11

Video - This is a shocking video of the current statistics of abortion in the U.S

Updated 01-31-11

Video/Poem - Allow Me To Reintroduce The Christ - By Blair Wingo

Updated 01-27-11

Featured Article

The Art of Human Sacrifice and the god of Convenience - By Bruce W. Robida - Revised

Updated 01-12-11

Video - Kathy Ireland uses Science and Reason to tell why she became pro-life.

Video - Jennifer O'Neill Shares Her Abortion Story - Depression, God & Health

Updated 12-29-10

Was The Apostle Peter A Pope? - by David J. Riggs

Election and Predestination: My understanding - By Bruce W. Robida

Updated 12-28-10

Link - Abortion Recovery Care Directory - Healing people, healing families, restoring lives and relationships.

Link - Abortion Recovery International - Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. (ARIN) is a Christian non-profit, affiliate assocation, dedicated to connecting and assisting like-minded abortion recovery centers, programs and services; as well as individuals working within the field. ARIN is the first and only international network uniting abortion recovery efforts worldwide. ARIN also serves as a network of recovery, research, awareness and educational resources that provide information concerning after abortion issues. 

Updated 12-23-10

The Moral Foundations of Society - By Margaret Thatcher

Updated 12-15-10

Doctors Say Adult Stem Cell Research Cures HIV-Positive Man - By Steven Ertelt

Updated 12-14-10

112th Congress - Scheduled to meet from January 3, 2011 to January 3, 2012 - Find out who is Pro-Life and who is Pro-Abortion

Updated 12-09-10

Video - Chuck Raymond Speaks about his loss of a child to abortion

Link - Silent No More Awareness Campaign - The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families.

Updated 12-08-10

False Teacher/prophet - Harold Camping

Updated 12-03-10

ABORTION - THE SILENT SCREAM - Dr. Bernard Nathanson's classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound. The viewer can see the child's pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a "silent scream" as her body is torn apart. A great tool to help people see why abortion is murder. The most important video on abortion ever made. This video changed opinion on abortion to many people.

Updated 11-27-10

A Hillsadale College Presentation - Reviving the Constitution

Session I: America's Foundational Principles
Session II: The Founders' Constitution
Session III: The Constitution and the Civil War
Session IV: The Progressives' Constitution
Session V: The Administrative State and the Duties of the Citizen

Updated False Teachers 11-09-10

Jim Swilley - Comes out of the closet

Eddie Long - Allegations of sexual impropriety and lawsuits



Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture on this website was taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION(r). Copyright (c) 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.

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